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Say Hello to Holy Sheep!
Brand Experience Agency
— working on brands, websites and apps.

Holy Sheep

Say Hello to Holy Sheep!
— Brand Experience Agency

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We're a team of people who create and value good brands.

We create vivid and emotionally full projects, which tell a story. Projects that capture imaginations, moves your heart and encourages you to buy. Eager to improve our world at least just a little bit.

We believe that you want that from your brand
— no matter if you wish to create a new or expand your current one.

What we can do for you:



Brands are created to distinguish products and services against their competition. Having a complete branding project — founded on the right name, logo and print materials — will help you to get your client's attention. Take care of these experiences.

Brand concept

With naming, we provide a picture of your brand — your personal story, primary values and the idea behind it. It will help you to both stand out and show emotional advantage to your customer.


It's more than just a beautiful picture. We create identifications that communicate — that will be remembered and will get your client's attention and generate a positive impression.

Print materials

We take care of the integrity of all your materials. We will create professional print materials
— business cards and papers, envelopes, and other accessories, which you'll need.



Your brand needs to grow naturally in the virtual world. We look after user emotions using well-designed interfaces. We mix good style with irreplaceable usability, and beneath it all we choose a goal, the design will help to achieve just that.

Mobile Apps

If you want to solve a problem using technology, don't forget about good design, that will assist users to utilize many functions with pleasure. iOS, Android or Windows Phone — we design dedicated apps based on the fundamentals and demands provided by each mobile operating system.

Responsive web design

Smartphone, tablet or desktop — your client will find you on the Internet using every single one of these devices. A well designed website is not only attractive but also it generates results and meets its goals. No matter if it's a simple corporate website or an administration panel, let your users know what they should do, without making them think.

What our clients say:

Karolina Boborowska

Holy Sheep! in three words? They know what they’re doing. They don’t indulge, instead, they choose what is truly the best and most effective for their client. When building the brand they’ve chosen emotion, natural bond and strength — which from many years have formed the foundations of our brand. It's astonishing!

Karolina Boborowska, Yagaya

Paulina Wierzbicka

Noa Cowork is my idea for living and organising a workplace for people. Holy Sheep! have prepared for me a coworking reservation system connected with my company website. Thanks to which I can easily measure desk occupancy, having the possibility to focus on the best management decisions. The business model is completely scalable, and Noa Cowork brand is growing. That’s what I wanted!

Paulina Wierzbicka, Noa Cowork

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It will take you a few sentences (and a couple weeks of our work) to have a well-designed project — write and tell us what you need. Let's talk about problems that you want to solve and the business goals that are your priorities.

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Peter Synowiec

Peter Synowiec


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